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 Sues International Corp. was established by Mr. Su Wen-ching in 1981. Although the company turnover was only
NT$10 million dollars at that time, it has grown to NT$50 million dollars in 1995 based on Mr. Su’s policy of pursuing
performance instead of large scale. Moreover, Mr. Su has aggressively sought opportunities in innovation, research and
development with world-class famous brands.
In accordance with the five guidelines of innovation, professionalism, efficiency, quality and service, Sues International
has expanded its business to Southeast Asia and increased its turnover to reach NT$15 million dollars in 2003. At the
same time, the company decided to invest NT$10 million dollars in its Vietnam branch. With a view to building an enduring enterprise, Sues International also plans to invest NT$30 million dollars in a dyeing and finishing factory at Vietnam in 2010.

‧1981- Company founded by Wilson Su
‧1984- Started cooperation with Adidas in 1984
‧1995 –Sales revenue reached U.S.$20,000,000
‧1995 – Establish Quality Assurance Department
‧2000- Entered into cooperation with China Textile
            Institute for Knit Fabric research & development
‧2002- Planning for Vietnam Operations starts
‧2002- Start production of elastic fabrics
‧2003 – Sales revenue reaches U.S.$50,000,000
‧2003- Receive  Intertek Laboratory Testing Certificate
‧2004- Start production of elastic fabrics
‧2006 – Expand R&D to sustainable fibers
‧2009 – Planning started for bonding facility in Vietnam
‧2009 – Start marketing of sustainable fibers including low-pill bamboo, blended organic cotton / recycled poly, recycled texturized polyester, plated polypropylene